• Luke Woods

Blackbeard Bikes Bristol

Bike show in Bristol City wa always a great event.

Like many it got shit canned because of the global Covid 19 pandemic.

Run by a team of volunteers before volunteers were are "thing"

It occupies (before "occupy" was a thing too :-) 4 or 5 streets in the heart of the old city.

We like it, my wife and I - its local ish and a good ride through the hills to get there.

we both lived in Bristol in our previous lives and have fond memories.

Everyone gets to ride ride into the heart of the event - the marshalling is seamless and slick and riding through the event is almost a privilege in the health and safety mad world.

The quality of the bikes is always good bearing in mind most of the bikes are from the local area it's comforting.

There are always a good turn of owner clubs and they are always hungry for people to join up. There is usually a good turn out of support Org's too, MAG in particular I remember - who are always hammering away for Bikers rights.

Its a classic day 'ride and show' event on the last Saturday of August and if you have never been give it a googling this year as things are going to start returning slowly to normal again.

Just a few photos of some of the bikes

And our friends from First Kick Coffee riding off on classic old school Harley Choppers

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